Hello Blog

std::cout << "Hello Blog" << std::endl;

Welcome to my blog!

Over the years I had to solve many technical challenges and developed quite strong opinions about various design choice in library development. My colleagues are my go-to target when discussing and designing APIs or solving intricate problems though I plan to change that:

Whiteboard discussions are ephemeral while blog posts are eternal—or so they say.

I want to make the step and write down the results of the more interesting discussions and document the rationales behind various design decisions. Sometimes I want to share interesting results or just show a cool rendering or two.

I’m currently doing my PhD in computer graphics with a heavy focus on shape analysis, geometry processing, and optimization. I’ve written various C++ libraries for rendering with OpenGL, mesh processing, vector math, benchmarking, and more. My interests are broad and this will probably be reflected in the blog.

All in all I hope this makes for some interesting topics for some of you. In that spirit:

Let’s start this journey!

(Title image from unsplash)